April 2, 2012

Sponsoring \"Fashion Farm Foundation\" Fashion-Installation Project

After discovering that Hong Kong fashion has a large room of improvement and needs support and encouragement from different concerned parties, Laws Fashion Group provides full support by sponsoring the non-profit making organization Fashion Farm Foundation\'s “五 DUN 5” Fashion-Installation project. Fashion Farm Foundation is a non-profit making organization with the aims to unite individual fashion designers with different parties like fashion retailers, celebrities, media, wholesales and landlord in supporting their design works for better business development. The nature of this event is as special as its name, the way it display the fashion collections is totally different to the traditional one. “五 DUN 5” fashion-installation project serves as a platform for young and emerging fashion brands to showcase their new collection out-of-the-box. Six fashion labels are given one 5.5 tons trucks respectively to display their new collections. The participating designers transformed the trucks to their dream shops.

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