LAWSGROUP was founded in Hong Kong by the late Mr. Law Ting Pong in 1975. With the motto of making quality clothing at reasonable costs and unparalleled turnaround time, the Group soon became one of the leading suppliers to some of the biggest apparel labels in the world. Living the same motto for over four decades now, LAWSGROUP stands as a huge player in the world of fast fashion, constantly delivering fashion concepts into the wardrobes for the masses.

Cost, quality and turnaround time are the keys to success in the world of fashion today. Over four decades of success in the manufacturing end of the fashion supply chain has given LAWSGROUP an unparalleled edge on finding the all important point of optimization over these critical qualities in an apparel maker. With a comprehensive production network and highly agile supply chain, LAWSGROUP has been finding breakthroughs in cost-competitiveness, quality management and production lead-time.

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