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Message from Chairman:

The interpretation of fashion has definitely more than one meaning. As we stand at a time of change driven by ceaseless innovations and global competition today, the boundary goes far beyond assembling patterns on a sewing machine. What we are seeing is an ever-closer partnership across different parties on the supply chain: from fabric / fashion designers to product planners; from merchandisers to production schedulers; from retailers to shoppers. There's a very strong drive for getting closer to one another, in order to not just get our own share in the process, but to live that true life of being part of the fashion world.


To have LAWSGROUP apparel in every closet.


To become a global fashion conglomerate, leading in innovation and a relentless approach to quality.


Happy, Integrity, Teamwork (H.I.T.)


Passion for Fashion

  • Bringing more senses of Fashion by engaging our employees and partners to contribute to the growing community of fashion apparel business

  • Exploring innovative means of finding new breakthroughs to give rise to a better future for the fashion world

Young Law
Chairman of LAWSGROUP

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