LAWSGROUP believes that talents are our biggest asset. As a responsible employer, we value our staff by providing a rewarding career path; we nurture our staff by offering various internal and external training; we care our staff by promoting a work-life balance environment.

The Group has high regards for social responsibilities and has full respect for labor and human rights legislation for different parts of the world. We strive to ensure our social responsibility practices are in line with international standards. All of our major production facilities have been accredited with SA 8000 certification, which is a leading third-party accreditation dedicated to ensuring the highest level of compliance relating to workplace safety and labor welfare. The accreditation certifies full compliance of social accountability in our workplaces in areas including labor rights, occupational health and safety, freedom of association, restricted working hours and a management system that continuously work towards the total well-being of our workforce. In addition to standard compliance, our management takes full consideration over our workers' after-work and social life. Most of our production sites' dormitories are equipped with recreation facilities such as recreation area, movie theatre, library, karaoke rooms and internet cafe, ensuring our workers a balanced life after work.

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