CSR & Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability is the fundamental strategic priority of LAWSGROUP. All CSRS Initiatives are planned and implemented based on 4 Core Strategic Aims — with efforts dedicated to Environment, People, Community, and Future Sustainability.

In terms of Environment, the Group is committed to creating a harmonious business environment, and maintaining a high ethical standard of operations in its manufacturing facilities to reduce consumption of resources, emissions, and carbon footprint.

Regarding to Education, the Group’s first charity fund has been providing over US$30 million to the setup of schools and scholarships in Hong Kong, China, and the United Kingdom since its launch in 1987, together with other charity undertakings to promote Art, Culture, Design, Creativity, and Innovations.

As one of the key players in the fashion industry, LAWSGROUP is also the patron sponsor of Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF), an NGO established in 2012, focused on nurturing local fashion designers and promoting Hong Kong Fashion Industries around the world.

The Group’s CSRS Strategies keep evolving abreast of the times to ensure effectiveness and sustainability, at present and in the future. In recent years, more efforts and resources have been dedicated to Creating Shared Value (CSV), instead of pure philanthropic causes (CSR), for a more long-term and sustainable approach.


LAWSGROUP Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018/19

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