Laws Property Group was a subsidiary of LAWSGROUP prior to its demerger. In November 1991, Laws International Holdings demergered its property development and investment activities so as to create a new group - Laws Property Group and separately listed on the Stock Exchange. The new group, through a buy-back arrangement, was subsequently privatized in 1994.

Laws Property Group first involved in the local property sector when it acquired a retail property in the early eighties. After that, its business growth accelerated as it took advantage of the depressed market conditions and acquired a number of sites with development potential after the stock market crash of 1987. The group subsequently concentrated on developing their sites into various commercial, industrial, warehouse, shopping mall and residential properties for sale and for investment purposes.

Laws Property Group mainly involves in the property development and investment, car park rental and property management business activities. The Group's property development and investment portfolio were mainly acquired in land auctions and from independent third parties, which were developed into commercial, industrial and residential properties. The Group also invests in rental properties when suitable opportunities arise.


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