Cost, quality and turnaround time are the keys to success in the world of fashion today. Over four decades of success in the manufacturing end of the fashion supply chain has given LAWSGROUP an unparalleled edge on finding the all important point of optimization over these critical qualities in an apparel maker. With a comprehensive production network and highly agile supply chain, LAWSGROUP has been finding breakthroughs in cost-competitiveness, quality management and production lead-time.

Production Facilities

At present LAWSGROUP produce apparel in facilities set up in Shenzhen and Zhuhai of China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar. The locations have been chosen carefully to take advantage of their competitive production advantages and overall operation efficiency.

The diversified production locations also add flexibilities in production planning, while balancing out possible fluctuation in economic factors.

LAWSGROUP also takes full advantage of manufacturing technology and production automation. For example, over 3,000 sets of high-end computerized knitting machines are deployed in its sweater facilities in China and Bangladesh.

LISC-LAWS Intelligent Supply Chain

LISC (LAWS Intelligent Supply Chain) is a dedicated service that LAWSGROUP provides, in order to help its retail customers add value to their:

- Lead Time
- Quality
- R&D
- Product

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